Test Plot

2021 Plot registration is now available!

The Kane County Corn Growers Association will be participating in our 35th annual corn hybrid plot in 2021. The plot will be located at our permanent location at the southwest corner of Route 47 and Beith Road, about 1½ miles north of Elburn.

We are continuing to invest in randomized, replicated plots. As a reminder, we are working with an independent contractor to plant and harvest the plots. This will differ from a ‘side by side’ plot in the following ways:

  • Two, 40 foot long replications will be done for each hybrid in both the corn on corn and first year corn plots.
  • The placement of each hybrid will be randomly selected.
  • Each hybrid will be planted in four rows.
  • The published results will be an average of the replications on the corn on corn plot, and a separate average of the replications on the first year corn plot.
  • Please refer to the enclosed rules and entry form for more details.

The entry fees this year will be $125 for 1 hybrid, with a limit of three hybrids per company ($375 if three hybrids are submitted). Please note that each hybrid will be planted two times in the corn on corn plot, and two times in the 1st year corn plot. Plot space is limited to 50 total hybrids – submissions will be accepted on a first come first served basis.

Please fill out form to be apart of the 2021 plot.  Seed delivery will be expected by April 10th.

2021 KCCG Plot registration form

If you have any questions, please contact Brad Fabrizius, Plot Chairman, at 630-333-8575 or brad.fabrizius@chsinc.com

Thanks for your support of the Kane County Corn Growers.